Home - 2016 - San Francisco trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Busting out the Snap Circuits

Snap snap

Mr Max

Collaborative circuit building

Inspecting the components

Connect Six

Rounding the bend

Full speed ahead

On the playground, shortly after de-hatting

Down the pole

Wild hair

Time to head home

Sprouting pole

Yard work, post-storm

Scooting about

Big shovel

Eagerly awaiting lunch

Working the chopsticks

Mid-afternoon lounging

Story time, again

Sitting down for some serious reading

More books

The whole gang


Very black bird

North end of the Gate

Flapping around

All alone

Skyline addition

Being stealthy

Great blue heron at Crissy Field

Great blue heron at Crissy Field

South approach

Full span

South tower

Downtown SF


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