Home - 2016 - Colorado River weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Rusted shell at the Castle Dome mining museum

A bit ramshackle

Manganese treated glass. Formerly clear, now purple.

Cart on rails

Printing press

Choose your favorite variety

Pure and wholesome, and oh so yummy

Giant crazy well-digging contraption

Gloves recommended

The whole digger

Heading into the mine

Another view of the digger

Blue skies

Quick banking stop

Frock shop

Peeling scales

Fabric-covered wheel

Twid's filling station

Crackled door

Ghost town

Sunset arrives

Quail scampering, but safe from Scalia

Taking in the sunset

Sun below the horizon

Almost gone

Set up for the fire

Very pink

Glowing clouds



Malformed V formation

Last bit of twilight

Glowing keg bonfire

Tiny little lizard

Heading down the Painted Desert Trail, in reverse!

Red rocks

Beehive, in action

Another larger lizard


Pausing at the bench


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