Home - 2015 - Christmas

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Puzzling out Mobi

Equations in progress

Studying the distribution

The tree

Jeni in hat

Hatless Paul

Ruth on the go

Penguin slippers

Cuddling with the stocking

Mid stocking unloading

Ruth and her new circuit kit

Max testing the new Duplo

Farm stuff

The whole crew

The grab bag begins

Unveiling Newton's cradle

The hedgehog serving as Tom's advocate

Max hops up for a bit

Talking with Sam and Rachel

Uncle D and Dad

Leaning in for Family Feud

Sam as Steve Harvey, pointing to the board

Carefully pondering the next guess

Max, steering clear of the Feud

Ruth in hat

Mom in matching hat

A little help with the toothpaste

Exploring the wonders and wilds of Finland

Locked up

Almost ready for bed

First test of the Nervous Aligator, post-assembly

Anne takes a turn

Intense concentration

Concentration, broken

Taking advantage of the less-than-perfect electrical contacts

Waiting for the popper to launch

Immediately post-launch

Arming up

And they're off


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