Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 10

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Giant Korean bear

On the bus from the airport to Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Self-sticks everywhere

Newer entrance gate, Gwanghwamun

Heungnyemun gate

Roof detail

Geunjeongjeon - main throne hall

Covered walkways

Marker stones

Back toward the gate

Inside the throne hall

Bright ceiling

Tons of colors


Throne palace roof corner

Sajeongjeon - "hall where the king should think deeply before deciding what is right or wrong"

Side hall

Korean colors


Food service

Flower posts

Support detail

Brick and wood

Gyeonghoeru, the banquet hall

Threatening skies

Drum in the outer courtyard

Ceremonial procession



The band

Big bird

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

Fish on the roof

Central Buddha at Jogyesa Temple

Outside of Jogyesa Temple

Tiny fish

Chinese Scholar Tree

The Great Hero Hall - Daeung-jeon

Nested into downtown Seoul

Lotus flower tea - cool and refreshing

ASEM Tower

Ducking down a side street for lunch


Insadong-gil, a main shopping district

Peering down the street

Relatively quiet in the late morning

Cup size or corn size?

Ice cream cone tower

Riding a weird powered unicycle

Tower off in the haze


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