Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 9

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Waiting in line to get the entry ticket

Entrance gate to Ta Prohm

Briefing from Dom at the entry

Tumbled stones

Grazing inside the walls

Path from the west


Library tower

Small and larger plant growth

Catalogued stones

Approaching Ta Prohm

Column piece

Giant tree growing out of the roof

First real view of the ruins

Impressive tree from this side, but the best is yet to come

Snaking out

Shifted but holding the weight

In front of Ta Prohm

Everything's askew

Very old trees

Propped up


Tree from the building base

Reaching down the back wall

Ground contact

Restored inner building

Horizontal roots

All cleaned up

Flowing down the side

Column pieces

Jumbled pile

Collapsed gallery roof and wall

Straddling and inside the wall

Moss-covered roof

Some intact carvings

Later carvings

Supported roots

Inner tower

Piles between structures

Looks like it's just hovering

Copper-colored lichens

Falling down

Heading down the walk

Very green tower

Moss in the shade

Wall of roots

Largely intact section

Cave-in section

Slow strangling

Deep inside Ta Prohm

Intricate roots

Looking up the main central tower

Incredibly detailed

Towers and piles

Down and across

In front of one of the big ones

Finger-like roots

Smaller interior tower

Lots of growth at the top

Slow-motion smothering


Another tower


Well-preserved wall

Gallery with vandalized Hindu carvings

Impressive for a 900 year old roof

Orchids in the corner

Walking the perimeter

More rock piles

East entry gate to Angkor Wat

First glimpse of Angkor Wat itself

East gate from the inside

Getting close

Angkor Wat, viewed from the east

Five central towers

Approaching the steps

Looking into the galleries

It's big

Taking root in the corner

Very steep steps

Waiting to enter the next tier

View from the upper level

Relief carving

Modern addition

Main tower

Under a cloudy sky

Shrine within the temple


Largely empty

Looking to the west entrance

Main walkway

On the upper level

Looking south

Another vantage of the main tower

Inner courtyard

Intact carvings

Similar to other temples

Top of door frame, with ancient paint

Starting the descent

Back on the first level

Part of the royal procession

Up close to the base

Closed stairway

Headless statues (heads taken as souvenirs long ago)

Base level

Down on the ground

Giant royal procession


Frequently rubbed area

Bullet wounds, compliments of Khmer Rouge

Back outside

Across the pool

West side

By the reflecting pool

Precariously balanced

West walkway

West walkway

Gate tower

Back across the moat

Waterwheel in Siem Reap

Pausing on the bridge

Trellis at the hotel

Our building at the hotel

Fish foot massage

Freshly fried and ready to go

Pub Street at night

All the durian you can eat

Night market

Laterns on the water

The night market

Scorpion and snake whiskey

All sorts of trinkets for sale

Neon bridge


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