Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 8

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Midnight claiming the full chair

Gnats on a string

The full gang at breakfast

Detour for construction

Over the bridge

Houses by the river

First good view of Phnom Krom

Lotus flowers

Chicks to go

Wary of the steps in the heat

A few stories up

Goats on the slope

Tiny temple/shrine

Bright roofs

Getting a better vantage

Very flat

Curious arrows

Up in the temple

Central Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Very colorful

Scenes from the life of Buddha

Iridescent beetle

View of Siem Reap

Giant snail shells

Tonle Sap Lake in the hazy background

Out for a stroll

Looking over the lake

Wandering back down the path

Outside of the temple

Running a little rich

Lion and snake

At the war museum

Empty shell

Soviet-era helicopter

Soviet jet

Missing engines

Looks ready for liftoff

Feeding in casings

Assorted small arms

Soviet artilllery

Platform without treads

Rocket launcher

Rusting lineup

Not what you want to see coming out of the jungle

Helpful reminder on a Claymore mine

Afternoon downpour back at the hotel

Heavy rains

Enjoying the cool afternoon on the balcony


Midnight is unperturbed


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