Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 5

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Need an y metal working?

Assorted parts

A less formal electrical wiring approach

Drying chilis

Heaing into the Puok market

Piles of dishes

Pig heads anyone?

Refridgeration optional

Back on the outside of the market

Mobile assortment

Writhing catfish

Produce vendors

Tiny bananas

Seeds and flies

A very loaded cart

Greenhouse framing at JHP

Ready to receive the next truss

Structure taking shape

Inside the English class

The students introduce themselves

Modeling one of the sewing projects

Students and principal

Sarith and Roger

Students on the right side

Wearing long sleeves despite the heat

English teacher

Turtleneck and sweater - not what I'd guess for keeping cool

Near the back

Sewing instructor and students

Showing how to use the machine

Sewing student

Answering questions from Roger

Reassembling the computer room

Setting up the computers

Nearly assembled

Welding the last piece

Open sewer in Siem Reap

The Night Market gets going

Like the day market, but with more neon

Monks getting takeout

Courtyard at the Cafe Indochine

Inside the Park Hyatt

Roger and Jess wait for their cocktails

Sathin in the courtyard

Stone carvings

Lizard lurking

Hiding on the carvings


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