Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 4

Photographer: Josh Eckels

In the tk tk with our guide, Dom

Official welcoming sign

Moat around Angkor Wat

West entrance to Angkor Wat

Assorted shopping options


South entrance to Angkor Thom

Milling around on the bridge

The evil god side

Angkor Thom moat

Stoic under the clouds

Good gods side

South entrance

An elephant sneaks in

Angkor Thom walls

Looking back over the bridge

Entrance tower

One of many Buddha faces to be seen

Tower detail

The central tower

Inside Angkor Thom

Assorted traffic

No surface is plain

Inside the gate

Another elephant approaching

Dom demonstrates the stone cutting tools

Simple but effective

Bayon viewed from the south

Getting a little closer

Carved in place

Depicting ancient victories

Watch out for the crocs

Crowded wall

Khmer victors

Under the tree

Inside the perimeter

Cairns galore

One of the galleries

Bayon in its full splendor


Up top after steep staircase

Upper deck view

Easing down

Sashed Buddha

Central tower

Empty galleries

Wandering through the passageways

Door frame

Four-sided towers everywhere

Giant faces



The main shrine at Bayon

Mob scene at the center


Another giant head

Big and small

Me, Buddha, and Jess

Green vines

Central tower

Outer tower

Dramatic skies

All the towers have four heads

Tight column layout

Waving to the people

Weathered but still intact

Extended eyebrows

Assorted heights

Glad it's the low season

Inside hallway

North end

Surprisingly empty

Courtyard area

Away from the central crowds

Bayon viewed from the north

Approaching Baphuon

Baphuon from the east

East steps are closed

Partially ruined


Relishing the momentary shade

The very top

Holding things together

Looking east

Empty door frame

Even the modern stairs are steep

Reclining Buddha head

Saying hi to the temple cat

A smaller gate


Phimeanakas, east view

Straight on view from the east, Phimeanakas

Closed to visitors

Jail break

Victory Gate

One of many towers in the Terrace of the Elephants

Central axis at the Terrace of the Elephants

Two close towers

Three-headed elephant

Intricate carvings

Naga (multi-headed snake)

Incense anyone?

Figure lineup

Elephant carvings

Skink in the carvings

Lichen faces

Giant wall

Another view of Bayon on the way out

Monkey time

Macaques in Angkor Thom

Mmm.. monkey chow

Gathering at the climbing tree

Up close with a macaque

A Cambodian standard - grass jelly drink

Silk loom setup

Artistans d'Angkor in Siem Reap

Inside the wood shop

Elephant in the vice

Stone in progress

Bird dance

Khmer dancing

3.5 kilos of durian

Opening the durian

It's nice and creamy

Not bad


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