Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Lime butterfly with battered tail

Tiling at the technical school - computer room

Garden by the front gate

Sewing room, recently tiled

Slurping nectar

Intact tail, showing red dots

Unidentified species

Female dorm at the techincal school (JHP)

Male dorm

Classroom building

Green papaya

Male dorm

Strutting about

Overlooking the pond

Bitter melon

Cracked trash burning oven

Low water

Battery setup

JHP principal, under a photo fo rhte Czech donors

Dedication plaque

Glowing green rice

In front of the lot across from the school

Hauling concrete for the greenhouse poles

Out at Sarith's land

Frog on the fence

Getting an official tour

Many many moringa trees

Irrigation channel


Rice with grains

Lots of ripening rice

Sathin's house-to-be

Sarith's house-to-be


Tagging along for the tour

Duck farm, the nearest neighbor

Milky lily pad pond

Khmer lunch spread

Mindblowingly bored

Digging in

At the end of the table

All the cows are skinny

Siem Reap River

Pub Street

Drive-up convenience store


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