Home - 2015 - Cambodia - Day 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Sivatha Road, the main street through downtown Siem Reap

The ubiquitous tk tk

Massage prices are a little lower than in the States

Samsung everywhere

Rice paddies

Roundabout center

Phnom Kulen, the most sacred mountain in Cambodia

On the road to the Kouy Village

Roger at the Kouy school

Flocking to the iPad

Posing for the iPad

Prepping for the bike handoff

Checking out the pool

A couple nearby houses

Roger and Sarith survey the grounds

Big shade tree at the Kouy school

Lining up

Waiting patiently

Listening to Roger (translated by Sarith)

Ready to ride

Addressing the students


Middle section of bikes

Down at the far end

About to depart

First ride

They're off

Heading home for lunch

The younger kids get out of class


Chalkboard inside

Khmer alphabet

Map of Cambodia

Paper streamers

Empty desks

Through the lattice

Peering in the doorway

Field of cassava

Kuoy Village school building

Waiting after class


Bananas, not yet ripe

Tractor puttering through town

The Kuoy principal and a teacher arrive for lunch

Gas station for motos

Lunch is served

Sathin and Thy

Water buffalo near Banteay Srei

Ant on the electrical wire

Staying cool

Tropical green

Coming up for a friendly hello lick


Unidentified lesser temple ruins

Restoration in progress

Currency exchange (900 riel = $0.22 USD, give or take)

Spirit house at the hotel

Bridge over the koi

Roof line and adornments


Spider lily

The frequently available tk tk at the hotel

Entrance to the hotel (in front of the open sewer)

Construction materials

Typicaly Siem Reap utility pole

Roundabout by the river

Fruit stand

Attemping to escape the heat

More bricks

Lizard trying to hide

Out in the open


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