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Photographer: Josh Eckels

The Bridge Between Continents

A hint of sun through the steam

Shallow pools

Very blue in the pelting snow

Looking down at the harbor

Brightly colored buildings

Backlit Hallgrímskirkja, dominating the skyline

Harpa, the cultural center

With Liefur

Up into the rift


Definitely looks volcanic

Another Strokkur eruption

Mineral deposits

Gullfoss, the largest waterfall in Europe

Sand-crusted snow

Black and tan

At the base of the cliffs

Like a wave ready to break

Semi-open water

Rippled blue

More seals

Weird sculptures

Very blue skies

Bored out

Gray layers

Nice and shaggy

Carved up

Fláajökull glacier

The edge


Mossy lowlands

A little succulent peeks out

Farewell to the sun

Sunrise is a long-lived affair this time of year


Through the looking ice

Skógafoss again

Iced moss

Carved canyon

Sloping gently to the coast

Vibrant sunset

Shark shed

Kirkjufell (church rock)

Installed by volunteers, staircase into the lower chamber

View of the Lóndrangar along the shoreline

Glazed with ice


Scallops anyone?


Downtown Reykjavik


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