Home - 2015 - Iceland - February 19 - Glaciers and other ice

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Day breaks over the farm

Basalt outcropping

Hay and glacier

The farm next door

Deteriorating shed

The guesthouse

Assorted machinery, in various states of repair

Pastoral panorama

Inspector on duty

Chowing down in the sheep barn

A friendly grin

Black sheep

Nice horns

Hopefully enough to get through the winter

Looking for love

Ready to herd

The sheep setup

Clearing skies

At the base of the cliffs

First glimpse of Jökulsįrlón

The river leading out to sea

With ash or gravel layer

Jammed up at the south end

Like a wave ready to break

Crystal clear

Down at the lagoon

Glassy smooth

Semi-open water

In the shallows

Seal in the distance


Snowy plains

Air pockets

Dripping overhang

Rippled blue

More seals


Up on the ridge

Looking down the slope

Ice everywhere

Plates of ice near shore

Slender ice finger


Hairy ice crystals

Weird sculptures

Clear up close

Breišamerkurjökull, source of the ice

Plates and swoop

Very blue skies

Heaving up

Tiny stream

Bored out

Receding glacier


Seals at the edge of the ice

Crazy sculpture

Staying flat to the ice

Full view

Vertical ice

Dirty section

Breaks in the pack ice

Stone circle

Blue streaks

Gray layers

More ash

Gentle slopes

Cafe and gift shop

Ice jam

Beware of sheep

Grassy section

Distinctively shaggy Icelandic horses

Like Fabio of the horse kingdom

Not sure if he can see me

Nice and shaggy

Pretty mellow creatures

Scratching on the fence

Grazing away

Everything has a name

Craggy section

River basin

Leading back to the ice

At the edge of the silt

Black and blue

Icelandic donuts

Pedestrian bridge

Carved up

Flįajökull glacier

Getting close to the tongue

Up alongside the ice

Definitely a river of ice

Sliced by meltwater

Flįajökull up close and personal

Blue and gritty

The very end

Ice bridge

Underneath it's like obsidian

Different melting patterns

The edge

Flowing downhill

Up on the ice

Starting to get dark

Under the bridge


Stress lines

Cubed basalt

Ice to water

Mossy lowlands

A little succulent peeks out

Made it back to the road

Glacial view from Höfn

Höfn town view

Sunset over the bay

Strange little skeleton

Farewell to the sun


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