Home - 2015 - Iceland - February 17 - Reykjavik

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Still snowy

Getting a touch rusty

Waterfowl down at The Lake

Provoking the geese

Looking across the frozen Tj÷rnin (lake)

Backlit HallgrÝmskirkja, dominating the skyline

Panorama across the Tj÷rnin

Frozen mossy waterfall

Inside the Settlement Exhibition - a very old viking house

Panorama views of what it used to look like

Central square, with active fountains

View from the end of the harbor pier

Harpa, the cultural center

Inside Harpa

Looking down from the balcony

Meeting space

A snowball adds insult to injury

Formal feeding

National museum

HallgrÝmskirkja is pretty much always visible

Harpa at night

Shifting patterns

Melting a bit in the warming evening

Lit up at night

With Liefur

Without Liefur


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