Home - 2015 - Iceland - February 16 - Arrival

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A warm welcome at the airport

Out on the road, still before dawn

Spanning the continental plates

Swaying in the breeze

The Bridge Between Continents

Continental rift

All alone

Helpful roadside Jupiter information

A bit bleak in the early morning light

Boardwalk at Seltún

Steaming hot rocks

Hot springs

Little sputtering puddle

Larger cauldron

A hint of sun through the steam

School tour group crowding the platform


Silty layer on this opening

Entrance to the Blue Lagoon

Walkway through the lava field

Outside the lagoon itself

Shallow pools

Inside the official complex

Foggy from the steam in the cold air

Cafe inside

Heavy snowfall over the hot springs

Blue and green

No line for this outdoor section

Very blue in the pelting snow

Hotel room in Reykjavik

View to the snowy outdoors

Hotel Óđinsvé exterior

Ţrír Frakkar (Three Brothers) restaurant, my dinner destination

Hallgrímskirkja, the biggest church in Iceland

Liefur Eiríkson statue out front

Inside the church

Looking down the middle, from the front to the back

Pipe organ

Peeking out from behind the clock up in the tower

Looking down at the harbor

Three stories or less

Peeking out toward the suburbs

Brightly colored buildings

Snow dusted

Inside view of the clock

The Chuck Norris Grill


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