Home - 2014 - Namibia - Best Of

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The lions return


Chasing away a rival

Martial eagle

Kori bustards

Rhino coming in

Splashing across the trough

Long string of kudu

Family group running in

Fan dancing

Right in the middle

A little tongue

Kudu horns

Nicely plumed

Almost completely wet

Full circle spray

Getting a good bull snuggle

Getting a glare

Scaring a giraffe

Ozzy goes dusting

Dense and sparse sections

Tawny eagle gliding through

Two sparring pairs

Coiled and ready to bolt

A very wide face


Getting dark


Looking for some shade

Wondering why we're still here

Dry nibbles

Scavenging in the wastewater dump area

All lit up

The truck waits for Caitlin and Nate to make a run for it

Guineafowl clucking in the early morning

Red-headed finch


Sunset and dust

Smoothed by one-hour exposure

White-backed vulture convention

Hard to ID the elephants at night


Tangled trunks

Rolling around in the dust and dung

The young get in on the fighting action

Spotted hyena

Backing off


Looking due south


Late afternoon calm water

Crazy drip pattern

Like a fern

Deciding where to go next

Reflected sunset

Drink drink drink

Getting chased off

Tower in the final sunset glow

Vivid blue water

Blackfaced impala

All over the place

Up close

Asking permission to get the freshest water

Springbok wading at Okaukuejo

Charlie, James, and Imogen


The research crew

Recently mudded

Approaching camp, the tower visble in the distance

Coming in for a landing

Scratchy McSplithorn, at the water

King of the hill

Kicking up more dust

Another family

Low lying haze

Lineup at the water, three males and two females

Lots of legs

Back to a stroll

Showing some teeth

Banded mongooses


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