Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 29

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Minimal accomodations to ease back into civilization

Not deluxe, but it's still running water!

The main room, looking empty

Deferred maintenance

Twisting archway outside

Storage shed with all the gear

The dung sifting begins

Caitlin advising on technique

Post-sifting dung powder

Plenty more samples to process

Too bad, they look tasty

Lots of slightly used gloves

Marking the next vial

Loading the next sample

Breaking up the clumps

String of blue wildebeests

Springbok wading at Okaukuejo

A couple of wildebeest come down

Assorted antelope

Giant woven nest

Looking for a handout in the wrong place

Picking over the rocky ground

Some of the more deluxe Okaukuejo accomodations

Etosha Ecological Institute

Powdered dung, ready for import into the US

Hanging nest

Be back before sunset

Unimaginable luxury

Fancy bathroom

With shower and bathtub


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