Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 26

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The smallest family group

Single mom

A very thirsty baby

So close to water...


Crowned lapwing again

Namaqua dove

A very red-headed finch

Final breakfast as a group, about to read our essays

Pulling up the microphone wires

Some sections are stubborn

Towing the branches back to the bushline

Elephant highway

Out by the waterhole

Now with zebras

Punctured tire, the brambles are nasty

Three mid-afternoon bulls

Rigging up the compressor

Bringing the trailer around

Branch towing scratches

Marabou stock, white-backed vulture, lappet-faced vulture, and token giraffe

Vulture variety

Sparring at the bushline

Late afternoon calm water

On alert, as always

Paula, Nadia, and other Athletes

Drinking away

Slowing a bit

Crazy drip pattern

White-backed vultures

Gentle shower

Glowing in the pre-sunset light

Sepia-toned, without processing

Mostly done drinking

Kori bustard up close

White-backed vulture taking off

Giant sweeping wing flaps

Trunks and drips in the trough

Relative calm

Walking across the pan

The youngsters follow

Staying close to mom

Trunk to mouth, a sign of respect

Scratchy comes in from the bush


Avoiding us

Getting down to the water

Curled trunks

Like a fern

On the south of the pan

Staying close to the water

Deciding where to go next


Reflected sunset

Pushed to the pan

Big bull

Down at the end of the trough

Glowing red

Ursula and Slit Ear arrive

About to get a lot more crowded



Slit Ear

Lined on both sides

Drink drink drink

Spreading out

Chaos as Big Momma's group shows up too

Elephants everywhere

Dust cloud

Standing around the truck

Sipping in the pan

Twilight sets in

Getting chased off

Head rest

Tower in the final sunset glow

Vivid blue water

A few stragglers

Milky Way again

Last night of total darkness

Orange glow


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