Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 21

Photographer: Josh Eckels

As the season goes on, more vultures show up

Gliding in

Rounding the corner

Turning south

Soaring on thermals

Poking at the dung bolus

Full dust spray

Secretary bird coming in

Touching down

Feather caught in the spare fencing wire

Nate's mic

Peeking over the fence

The much-maligned dung dryers

Big feather in the sand

Tools and electric fence power

Full water jugs

Stink bug on approach

Quite the trunk curl from Rocky Balboa

Flipped over the tusk

Left Tusker and family

Comng around the pan

Moving fast

Family chaos

Liz working the night vision

Watching the families in action

Very dark without the moon

The truck waits for Caitlin and Nate to make a run for it


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