Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 18

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Perfectly still


Pied avocet, with curiously curved bill

Regal kori bustard

Early morning scavenging

Giant birds

Crowned lapwing


Wading to shore

Quiet browsing

Clucking away

Striding with purpose

Quite a stare

Guineafowl up close

Bobtail saunters in

Time to leave

Turkey-like head

Cleaning a path

Hopping up

Ready to flap all over

Lurking about

Sipping patiently



No breakfast for Bobtail

Getting dive-bombed

Shallow water

Tawny eagle again

Baby zebra

Back to the water now that it's lion-free

Still wary

Passing through

Still skittish

Head on

Coiled and ready to bolt

Slipping out

Back to the safety of the bush

Making an entrance

No drinking for baby

The bulls arrive

Young male giraffe

Small family group

Two-weeks' growth

Lots of optics

Liz and Nate

Natalie and Carrie

Taking notes

Cleverly hidden GoPro

Camp at midday

Collecting close to the trough

Setting up for a trough video

Inside the trough

The head, with the freshest of water

A scrappy jackal

Looking for predators

Afternoon calm


Long luscious lashes

From inside the bunker

Eye scar

Checking out the monkeys in the bunker

Lazy sipping

Just a couple of bulls


Hardly any drips

A third joins in the mix

Thinking of moving

Sniffing for who's coming

Leaning in

Happy to be in the bunker

Tim at the "far" end

Brendan arrives

Going to say hello

A very wide face

Drinking at the head

A stream of drips


Trunk to mouth

Trunk hug


Lots of standing and waiting

An occassional sip

Getting dark


A few more visitors

Bull convention

The stars come out

Slow motion


Tons of stars

Standing alone



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