Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 16

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Window of the bunker

Male kudu

The Atheletes group arrives

Stretched out

Ear flapping in the water


Thinking about going back in


Down in the bunker

Getting a glare

Dusting near the edge of the clearing

Almost ready to move on

Jeff vs Ozzy

Ozzy doing some trunk curling

Up on the bunker

A nice slow trunk drag


Jeff sends Ozzy packing

Not ready to leave just yet

Scaring a giraffe

Coming for more

Time to leave

Kudu slurping

Tail down means relaxation

Reaching across the trough

Big trunk curl

A little leaky


On the go again

Abandoning the chase

Kudu couple

Keeping distance from the trough

Tall in a sea of shorties

A good sign that sunset is approaching

Look out

Rounding the edge of the pan

Large, medium, small

Sipping at sunset

Ozzy goes dusting

Tawny eagle perched

Ozzy working his dusting magic

Trunk completely flopped over

Kori bustard and imposing shadow

Paired juveniles

Face planting

All alone

Ursala's baby in the trough

Hoping to push it out

Now for a scooping attempt

Pulling from the other side

What about a little foot action

Poor Ursula, all alone and not sure how to help

Ozzy picking a fight again


Pushing forward

Big dust cloud

Milky Way

Orange and cloudy

Dense and sparse sections


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