Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 13

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Vacant waterhole at sunrise during my shift of the 24-hour animal count (4-7AM)



Animals in need of counting

Golden glowing kudu

Squaring off

Locking horns

Zoe's African cousin

Kudu horns

Burying the audio wires

The schedule for the 24-hour count

Eland in the water

Secretary bird making an entrance

Strutting at the edge of the water

Nicely plumed

Engaged in battle

A three-headed beast

Spotted with mud

Impressive ear cutouts

A tiny steenbok

Afternoon tower shadows

A family group coming in from the west

Coming in at a good trot, but not a sprint

Pacing the trough

Back and forth

Heading out again

Shadows getting longer

Sunset over Dung Patrol

A wide variety of critters


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