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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Down at the waterhole

Dung Patrol, on the go

Inspecting the sample

Considering the options

Burying the audio wires

Counting parasite eggs

Double-checking the count

A slow afternoon

Lots of optics

Natalie and Carrie

Taking notes

Collecting close to the trough

Searching for activity

Looking for only the freshest of dung

Chatting in the shade

A crowd on the research level

Night watch

Hard to ID the elephants at night

Watching the family drama

Elephant session in the shade

Pulling up the microphone wires

Some sections are stubborn

Pulling in the fence posts

Departing shot

All over the place

Dry skin, defined

Trying to get into our housing for the night

Caitlin advising on technique

Marking the next vial

Checking out the lunch options

The research crew

The sassy pose

Inside camp

Figuring out the next setup steps

Hoisting the batteries for the solar setup

Digging the trench for the refridgerator DC power line

Attempting surgery

Cinching down


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