Home - 2014 - Namibia - July 5

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Finishing the packing in the early morning light

Foggy drive

Baboon on the shoulder

Pit stop for biltong (beef jerky)

Refridgerated case

Checking out the lunch options


Outjo Bakery, our lunch stop

Waiting in line at the Etosha park entrance

Welcome! Try not to do anything stupid

At the head of the queue

Namibian and other flag

Weaver bird nests

View from the Okaukuejo tower

The trucks, cargo still intact

Okaukuejo tower

Wildebeest and springbok

Family group at the Okaukuejo water hole

Sipping on the go

Heading out

The zebras wade in

From the edge of the viewing area

Zebra not quite blocking the road

Stare down

Etosha Pan, looking mighty dry

Out for a stroll


The research crew

The sassy pose

First elephant spotting from the road

Recently mudded

Giraffes, wary at the waterhole

Lions lounging in the shade

Approaching camp, the tower visble in the distance

Scaring off the herbivores

Inside camp

Figuring out the next setup steps

Scampering on the other side

Beginning to unpack the food

More food

The kitchen, some assembly required

A handful of bulls


First sunset in the field


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