Home - 2014 - Belize - Day 6

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Not quite level, but still serviceable

Owned by the single beverage company (beer, water, soda, and imports)

Real glass!

Today it's a trip with Seaduced

Lots of sharks, at Shark and Ray Alley

Feeding frenzy (nurse sharks and jacks)

Taking a mellower approach



The biggest of them all, complete with branding

Leaving the grassy parts

Lots of boats already at Hol Chan

Marcus, our serious guide

Purple sea fan and hidden nurse shark

Lots of big schools of fish

Hiding in the corals

Packed in like sardines

Maybe a snapper

Spotted eagle ray

Tons of coral

More hiding grunts

Green sea turtle

Turtle and shark

Very pretty shell

Lunch time ($4 US)

Social flycatcher in the bird bath

Low tide

Typical San Pedro - lots of signs, with no clear indication of where anything actually is

Beer out on the dock

Blue land crab

Development on the north end of the island

A bit creepy

The road

Palapa bar


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