Home - 2014 - Weekend in Sedona

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Bell Rock

Courthouse Butte

Heading up Chuckwagon Trail toward Devil's Bridge

Very slight incline

Craggy overhang

Concave erosion

Devil's Bridge

Over the span

Looking into the valley

Pillar formation

You Shall Not Pass!

Cairn in case you lose your way

Down on the overlook

Striated rock

Tiny cactus blooms

Manzanita blooms


Tooling around

Bright blue skies

Clouds rolling in

Parking lot view at Loy Canyon trailhead


Very textured trunk

Looking like muscle fibers

In the sandstone cave


Side-blotched lizard, taking in the view

At the saddle and junction

Horned lizard

Some manner of chubby lizard

Log cabin remains

Inside the deluxe accomodations

Lunch view

Next overlook

Full panorama

Tom at the point

Spire way down below

Rim of the canyon

Watchtower formation

Multi-colored layers

Century plan

Three dead trees

Scorched earth

It's not just the rocks that are red

Log cabin on the return trip

Big rusty scoop

Heading down Loy Canyon

Down in the flat part

Just squeaking under the wire

Sunset approaches

View on the drive up Oak Creek Canyon

Rotating dome at the Lowell Observatory

Doors closed, telescope out for repairs

Lowell Mausoleum

The main observatory

The telescope that found Pluto

Smaller observatory

Downtown Flagstaff

Highway scenic viewpoint

Blue and white

A bit windy


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