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Photographer: Josh Eckels

John and James watch Brian's soul burn

James and Brian wait their turns

Brian and others in a tree

Doyle, Brian, and others in a tree

More tree people

John and Rachel observe as Brian gives James a swift kick to the nuts

Brian harrasses John

Charlie and Brian do nothing

John, Brian, and James attempt the Tipsy dance

John, Charlie, and Brian enjoy a little dancing together

The whole gang at Clarke's

Brian doing an amazing trick. Owner of arm unknown

The whole gang at Clarke's

Various people trying to put spoons on Shaft's chair

The Allison softball team: Todd, Todd, Nicole, Luke, Barlo, Brian, Cheri, and Damian

Cheri, Barlo, and Brian bleeding all over the hallway

Todd, Damian, and Brian, playing RattlerRace

Brian, James, John, Charlie, and Todd engrossed by the TV

Erez, Todd, Charlie, Brian, and John examine their invention

Brian, Todd, Damien, and Jason set up Damian's new computer

James, John, Brian, and Snake right before experiencing the Giant Drop

James, John, Brian, and Snake right after experiencing the Giant Drop

Brian, John, and James in the Bronco

Brian, James, Barlo, Mark, Summer, and Snake sitting around at Great America

James and Brian after riding Shock Wave

Jeremy and James cutting the cake

Brian looking a bit sleepy

Doyle, Brian, Charlie, and John

Charlie, Brian, Liz, Doyle, and Jeremy

Somebody I don't know, Jeremy, Rachel, and Brian

Same person I don't know, Jeremy, Rachel, and Brian

Pumpkin carving party, during carving Brian, Snake, Spike, (myself hiding behind John), John

Pumpkin carving party, pre-carving: Snake, Brian, Spike, Barlo, John, James

Damian interviews Brian about RattlerRace

The Snake and Brian exchange greetings

Brian studies The Snake's form

The Snake studies Brian's form

Brian's official RattlerRace photo

The Snake and Brian before the showdown

Jeremy's happy Brian is sleeping

Brian napping


Brian watches as James assaults somebody

Brian at his finest

Brian and John

Brian's fine rump

Brian doing something

James and Brian, partners in crime

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

Charlie, James, Brian, and Shaft

John and Brian tame the beast


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