Home - 2014 - Guys' weekend at the river

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Scope out the arsenal

New mascot

Freshly painted

Loading up

Hitting the trail

Clear skies

Burrowed in

Checking out the terrain

Dusty on the rocks

Heading down the wash

Small lizard

Big lizard

Bee hive

Checking for signs of life

Dry waterfall

Root in the crack

Posing at the top

A little more perspective

Palo verde

Rock spire

Alien landscape

Heading back to the vehicles

Ready to tip

Signs of rain

Getting crafty

Grilling up some lunch

Hankies, anyone?

Setting up targets

Aiming for the rotor

Joe with the .270

Shooting the plate

Mixing up tannerite

Setting up

Taking aim


Shock waves



Up in flames

Another hit


Burning off

A new combo

Initial impact

Airborne projectiles


Biggest target yet

Getting instruction

Trying the AR

Sunset at the redneck fun zone

Going fishing

Fire pit in action

Fresh catfish

Partial dinner spread

Unhooking the sway bar

Serene at the moment

Prepping the sodium

Fizz fizz


Lobbing rocks

Can and rock

On fire

Trying the can

Underwater explosion

Back to quiet

Big and little brothers

Heading back to the trailer

Heroically posed

Ready for more

Group shot


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