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Randy and Charlie at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, Charlie, Liz, James, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, me, Doyle, Randy, Liz, Charlie and James at Doyle's house

Trying out the .357 Magnum

It's got some kick

Enjoying the shooting

Charlie awaits his bride


First dance

Charlie eating in the other room, unaware of our spying

Charlie and the super creepy painting of Arthur

Making their exit

Charlie and his beer

Brian harrasses John

Charlie napping

Charlie and Brian do nothing

Charlie, undisputed master of the Tipsy dance

John, Charlie, and Brian enjoy a little dancing together

Puffing away in the shade

New NU rickshaw service

Charlie makes use of the classy metal cap

In the stands at the Sox game

Down the line

Down the line

Susan and Charlie

The whole gang at Clarke's

The whole gang at Clarke's

Various people trying to put spoons on Shaft's chair


Looking very happy with the weapon

Glass chunks flying, but the top is intact

Ready for another go


Cigar time

Always time for a quick text message

All dressed up

Lighting up a cigar

Puffing away

John, James, and Charlie causing some sort of mayhem

Brian, James, John, Charlie, and Todd engrossed by the TV

Erez, Todd, Charlie, Brian, and John examine their invention

John, Charlie, and Melissa

Charlie, Melissa, and John

Charlie, Luke, and John in the kitchen

Doyle, Brian, Charlie, and John

Charlie, Brian, Liz, Doyle, and Jeremy

Charlie gets a bit too close to the fire

Charlie chops down a tree

Charlie looking like a caveman

Jeremy, Charlie, and John at the campsite

Charlie and John in the firelight

Jeremy, Charlie, and John sit by the fire

John, Jeremy, and Charlie making an egg

Charlie just loves his ax

Jeremy, Charlie, and John play with fire

NU table

Drinking buddies at the bar

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

Cheri and James playing a friendly game

Charlie, James, Brian, and Shaft

Post-pie smile

Charlie works on the keg

Long distance-traveler #2


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