Home - 2013 - Japan - Day 4 - Kamakura

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Condo building

Inside the grounds

Distinctive roofline

Giant lantern

Sanmon (main gate)

Dragon ceiling in the Butsuden


Ornate roof

Landscaped pond


Gate in the back of the complex

Wired tile

Zen training hall


Flower arrangement

Dragon carving

Holding things up

New Year's decorations

Ogane (Grand Bell), cast in 1301

Mt Fuji peeks over the hill

Japanese maples

Steps to the main gate

Another gate

In search of noodles

Soba making machine

Now entering Shopping Town

Banana vending machine

Frisbee in the train station

Time for a little Mario Kart

Slogging through the push medal game


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