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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Erez and Jeremy await the return of their balls

The whole gang at Clarke's

The whole gang at Clarke's

Jeremy, Luke, John, and Willy with a sign they liberated

Jeremy and Luke with their sign

Jeremy looks nervous about the big ceremony

Jeremy and James cutting the cake

Jeremy looks dazed

Charlie, Brian, Liz, Doyle, and Jeremy

Somebody I don't know, Jeremy, Rachel, and Brian

Same person I don't know, Jeremy, Rachel, and Brian

Jeremy ponders

Jeremy and somebody I don't know

Charlie and Jeremy at the campsite

Charlie chops down a tree

Jeremy, Charlie, and John at the campsite

Jeremy, Charlie, and John sit by the fire

John, Jeremy, and Charlie making an egg

John and Jeremy examine the egg

Jeremy, Charlie, and John play with fire

Jeremy's happy Brian is sleeping

Jeremy, James, and Erez at the party

Jeremy enjoys a bag of olives

Jeremy and Erez


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