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Wrangling the kids

Charlie, James, and Imogen

Rounding the corner, covered in sweet wallpaper

James playing basketball at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, Charlie, Liz, James, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

James, me, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, me, Doyle, Randy, Liz, Charlie and James at Doyle's house

John and James watch Brian's soul burn

James, Barlo, and John at the alley

James and Brian wait their turns

James, myself, and Doyle playing caps

James pretending to be cool

James, the wind blowing through his hair

John and Rachel observe as Brian gives James a swift kick to the nuts

John, Brian, and James attempt the Tipsy dance

The whole gang at Clarke's

The whole gang at Clarke's

James is excited to move his nasty box spring

James' room, mostly dismantled


James at his "high school"

The ceremony

Signing the license

Photo time outside

The wedding party

The photo session continues

Slicing the cake

Easy does it

Off to the next activity

The groom speaks

Working the crowd

James drinks while the best man delivers his speech

Dancing up a storm

Married dancing

More married dancing

Cigar time

Lighting up

Always time for a quick text message

Singing along

Check out that ring

Herding people back inside

Checking out the pictures

John, James, and Charlie causing some sort of mayhem

Brian, James, John, Charlie, and Todd engrossed by the TV

James, John, Brian, and Snake right before experiencing the Giant Drop

James, John, Brian, and Snake right after experiencing the Giant Drop

Brian, John, and James in the Bronco

Brian, James, Barlo, Mark, Summer, and Snake sitting around at Great America

James and Brian after riding Shock Wave

James, Erez, and John jamming

Jeremy and James cutting the cake

James and Liz dance a jig

Randy, James, and Liz discuss an intimate secret

More discussion

James standing

James and Doyle try to look intimidating

James missed his bed

James just wants to be Bob Vila

James in his room

James after more packing is done

James looking depressed (the DVD player was just packed)

Me, Randy, and James at the very end of sophomore year

Catherine and James at our party

Liz and James have a staring contest

James offers Tim a drink as Tom oversees

James does not enjoy the jello shot

James tries a jello shot

James wonders if anybody is going to show up

James tests the keg

James making party preparations

James pretends to be Martha Stewart

Pumpkin carving party, pre-carving: Snake, Brian, Spike, Barlo, John, James

James rests

More of James resting

James sleeps anywhere he wants

James and John

More of James and John

Brian watches as James assaults somebody

James in full attack mode

Jeremy, James, and Erez at the party

James and Brian, partners in crime

James prepares to do something to Luke

NU table

Drinking buddies at the bar

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

Cheri and James playing a friendly game

James does some gymnastics. Nice dismount

Charlie, James, Brian, and Shaft

James going for a little ride

Long distance-traveler #1

James and Liz try to give Randy a wedgie

The wedgie, in progress

Post-wedgie celebrations


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