Home - 2013 - Danelle's birthday party

Photographer: Various

Setting up for the main event

The feature film selection


Surveying the cake options

Rosie, Gilbert, Isabel, and Murray

Bubbly upstairs

Bob makes his move

Mike and Jon

Don, Courtney, and Lisa

Onell and Robin

Don't steal Brian's cake


Rosie and Murray

Mike and me

Robin, Myra, and Sofia

The other birthday girl

Lynn and Eliot

Lisa and Tony

No more photos

Jim, Danelle, and Jeanell

Cake 1: Carrot

Cake 2: Strawberry

Cake 3: Cheese

Paul shouts it out

Lisa looking devious

Gilbert sandwich

Trying to listen in

Warning! Warning!

Full lighting effects

Jim and Jeanell

Yup, party's over

Mosaic poster


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