Home - 2013 - Family gathering in San Francisco

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our rental house

Waiting for the streetcar

Newly engaged

Ruth acting coy

View from the port

Bay Bridge

Sprinting down the pier

Port and embarcadero

Telegraph Hill

Dolores Park sculpture


Double glasses for Lucas - six eyes?

View from the top of Dolores Park

Let the video chat madness begin

Sandals going on and off

Staying out of the fray

Not enough seats to go around

Conveient reigns

Trying on some new outfits

Peter, live from Brazil

Done with the new outfit


A very pink chef

Having fun

No more hat, please

Appetizers are served

Eating from rectangular plates

And now for the main course

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

Chance encounter with Paul and Jeni

Well rested

Checking out the action on the street

Turning attention back inside

The fancy kitchen setup

Ocean Beach

Windmill in Golden Gate Park


Nice flower garden

Busy bee

In the park

Top view

Ocean Beach from above

Cable car line

Cable car

Cable car station, with long lines


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