Home - 2013 - July Fourth in Borrego Springs

Photographer: Josh Eckels

DJ setup begins

Pristine pool

This tortoise is in for a surprise

Big crew to set up the canopy

Mike and Stina unload their cargo

Very patriotic

Let the games begin

More team members arrive

Top Gun on the big screen

Mike goes karaoke

Prepping for an action shot


70s Mustang Mike

70s swimwear fashion show

A relaxing ride

Nap time for Don

Fully asleep

Playing catch

Break in the action


Watching the sea monkeys


Creepy underwater stalker

Tragically trapped underwater

Upside down

Mike and his duck friend

Sign of the Horns from Jon

Disembodied foot

Dead but expelling bubbles

Sunglassed Don


Olivia floats through

All done

There's nothing like the comfort of pleather in the desert

Ron gets handsy

Noble posing

Slightly shifted cake

New gear

70s fashion show

Sweet victory!

Pinata time

A swing and a miss

Dead donkey

Checking out the loot

Drawn and quartered

Lava illumination


Happiness, on a tree

Giant Jenga, getting tipsy

Corner view

Abandoned floaties

Borrego Springs, looking like a desert

The Palms

The pit of despair


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