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In camp

Group shot


In the slot

In the slot

The hot trek back

Cooling down

Approaching the high point

Coffee before hitting the road

Proud artist

Final logistics

Time to load up the packs

Ready to hit the trail

Break on the way up

Two miles in

Now for a downhill section

Packing up after breakfast

Packs lighter after drinking most of the water

Time to depart

Rounding the corner

Pausing at the road intersection

One more by the road crossing

Lined up

Killing time at Inland Center Mall while the car charges

Insulated for warmer hands

Back in the corner

Back of the bus

All pretty at the first stop

Katherine and Rebecca

Thoughtful sipping

Lots of ladies

Outside at Cougar

Getting rowdy

High flying action

Mad scramble


Jump serve

A tangle at the net

The ladies

The ladies and our cruise director

Paul Hefner

Finally getting some respect

What a classy group




Getting crazy

Rebecca and Andrew, in their traditional attire

Wings for all

Dinner prep in progress

The master craftsman at work

Gearing up for the morning hike

Treking along

Up to the ridge

Red dirt trail

Dropping non-backpacks at the hotel

Fuel for the first day on the trail

Hitting the trail

Trudging down the trail, thankful for the overcast skies

Glamor shots

A campfire, when backpacking, in California!

Socks recovered from the fox thieves

Heading up on a day hike

On the trail to Starlight Beach

Return to Parsons Landing

Cooling off

Ready to catch the Cyclone back to Avalon

On a boat!

About to set sail

In the distance

Pausing during the ascent

Up and away

At the peak

Lunchtime view

The end

Chair dancing begins

At Don and Courtney's wedding

If you're not first, you're last

Quite the lineup

Rebecca wins!

The group!

The group!

The group!

Most of the ladies

Hook and Peter Pan

Watching the video

The bearded lady

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Watching the Borrego video

Cocktail hour lineup

Snack time

Ants on a log

Out in the dry, dry mountain air

Embarking on Sunset Trail, from the Meadows Trailhead

About to cross the dam at the foot of Big Laguna Lake

Taking a break

Readying to move out

Skee-Ball strategizing

Tickets galore

Heading down

Pre-dinner drinks

Celebrating the start of the trip

The people stuck in the middle start to wish for new seats

Waiting for our tents to clear the stinkbug inspection

Sniffing the flowers

A few backpacks

Inside our rental at the Star Queens Serviced Apartments

Still awake!

Settling in at the Sugar Club

Something to see!

Time to exercise the daypacks

Checking out the old mining stuff

Karangahake Tunnel Walk

Working the rails

Andrew's favorite bridge so far

Prowling the Hobbit grounds

Off to see Huka Falls

The very green Lake Ngakoro

Beers at lunch

Lunch has arrived!

Boarding the gondola

In the gondola car

At the top of the gondola ride

Helmets on for safety!

Returning to base

Final ride down

Rounding the bend

Rebecca in the lead

Stinky breezes

On the way down

Waiting for our first flight

Our neighbors

Back in San Diego, feeling fresh

Thinking about taking a dip

Quick stop at the falls

Checking out the shore of Lake Taupo

Late afternoon light

In front of Mt Doom, about to embark

Trudging up, trying to get warm

Getting resituated

Rebecca and Andrew

At our high point

About to descend toward the Blue Lake

Crater lineup

Entering some switchbacks

In the woods, trying to make the earlier shuttle

Done and with beer!

Nice to sit down for a bit

Looks like we're in for a wait

In the lounge, trying to get the WiFi to work

First wine-tasting stop

Making friends with the Bladen Winery dog

Outdoor sipping

Sitting down for a great meal at Urban in Nelson

Happy we didn't miss the departure

Unloading from the water taxi at Anchorage

Farewell, boat!

Taking stock of the gear

Ready to depart

Crossing Torrent River

Getting some gravity assistance

Pausing at the viewpoint

A little lunchtime wading at Bark Bay

Clear and shallow water

Bark Bay, with campsites in the background

A-plus shell discovery

Back on the trail

Setting up camp at Onetahuti Bay

Enjoying the beach

Serving up the feast

Boots on!

On the move again

Rolling into Awaroa Lodge

Cold drinks, what luxury

Getting ready to traverse Awaroa Bay at low tide

Walking the shoreline

Fending off the sandflies

Nice lazy start to the morning

Pausing in the field

Pause to drop off some other passengers

Happy riders

Entering Toad Hall

Drinks have arrived

And now food!

Late-afternoon reading time

Off to feed the pigs

The big ones get a little bitey

Breakfast scraps!

The South Island's longest swing bridge


Fortuntately not flooded now

Doing some digging

Rebecca getting strapped in

Ready to launch


Arms out

Gliding in

Thinking it's time to slow down


Checking into the Punakaiki Beach Hostel

Hopping in the boats

Paddling up river

Super lush

Working against the current

Bouncing around

Passing the rapid section

Relaxing in the sun

Turnaround point

Much easier going with the current!

One more section to drag through


Perched on the side of the path

Sunset rapidly approaches

Incoming spelunkers

Pancake stacks at Pancake Rocks

All zipped up

Cinched down

In front of the swinging bridge

Checking out the cairn collection


On the bouncy cantilevered section

Settling in at our rental in Franz Josef Village

Early morning, stumbling toward the helicopter staging area

Soaking up the drizzle

At the end of the trail

Beers at lunch

Suiting up for the flight

Flight cancelled!

Joyous breakfast

Tromping through the swamps

Back on the gravel path

Teamwork on the puzzle

Stop at Haast Visitor Center

Picnic spot at the visitor center

Skipping rocks

Looking for the perfect skipping rock

Probably getting devoured by sandflies

A really substantial swing bridge

Back to the car

Wandering downtown Wanaka

Roasted lamb for dinner

Andrew being driven insane by the crooked squares

Trying to make friends

Picnic spot for lunch

All nice and dry

Crossing the Route Burn (the river)

Tramping like pros

Under the limit

Poking around the meadow

Our campsite, and kitchen shelter

Lazy afternoon

Nice and sunny. For now.

Sitting by the river

Escaping the sandflies

Chowing down

Packing up and enjoying the shelter

Ready and pumped

Maximum: 2

Climbing toward Lake Harris

Taking refuge in the Harris Shelter

The unrelenting rain

So warm and dry

Hunkered down

Ready to be done

Shaking off the spray

Now one with me

About to jump on the first boat

Warm and dry on the boat

Sipping our hot drinks, indoors

Bubbly on board


Preferring the overhang

At the stern


Enjoying the cruise


Peeping from the penthouse

Snack time

Booze cruising

All of us

Marmite taste test

Up on the top

Our AirBnB in Queenstown

Waiting in the chaotic line for ice cream

Waiting for the thief

The gateaway

Packs on and ready to move

The descent begins

Into the shade, and the gnats

Hiking down the canyon

Another clearing

Stream crossing

A bit of uphill

Our non-campsite at the trailhead

Fine dining al fresco

Taking a breather

Refilling water

Shady lunch spot

Rebecca and Lynn

Bob getting into it

The bocce players and groupies

Tossing the other way

Watching the roll

Hiding behind the sandwich

Rebecca and Andrew

The whole group attempting to get aligned

Maximum presentability

Now for some fun

In our dinner tent

Waiting for the next course

Enjoying some tasting at winery #2

Andrew and Rebecca

Approaching the summit

From the junction

Heading out

Heading out

The birthday lady


More hugs

More ladies



Working the crowd

Guest of honor


Hitting the trail

Rebecca and Andrew

Andrew supervises the construction project

Keeping it classy


Sitting down to dinner

Heading downriver

Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Rebecca takes a turn

Almost there

Another perfect slice

Watermellon water for Tesla


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