Home - 2013 - Loreto trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Village at Loreto Bay

Leah with stick

Rock at the south end of the bay

Vacation homes

Serious dogfighting

John retrieves the missing piece of the hatch

Nap time

Archeological remains

Leaning in

Striding carefully

Sand patterns


Patched hatch

Chloe in the lead

Hermit crab convention

Some manner of crustacean

Empty shores

Very fuzzy starfish

Very green weeds

Shops in Loreto

The mission

Side yard

Nice pedestrian walkway

Square in town

Skateboarding gazebo

Sunset glowing on the islands


Blue starfish

All twisted up

King angelfish

Another nice blue starfish

Commanding view of the golf course

Chloe at the top

Loreto Bay

Barkeep, get me a margarita

Prep station

Ready to go

John and Chloe

The chefs arrive


Wondering what's next

Early morning on the bay

Still waters

Unfinished condos

Dolphins sighted



Very close

About to surface

View of the whole pod

Cruising alongside

Less than an inch off the surface

Island in the mist

Clearing the haze

Vibrant desert plants

Pelican city

Wild rock formations


Making a break for it

Gazing out majestically

More rock formations

Sea lions waving hello

Lazing around

Up and over

More lazy lions

A very white rock

Playa Isla Coronados

A sailboat or two

El Pescador's great granddaddy?

The other island beach

Relaxing and snacking



More wrasse

Big grizzled pufferfish

A very wary fish

Pin cushion urchin

Arid landscape

Pelican remains

John makes a break for it

The one "big" plane heading north

Even John gets tired sometimes

Stretched out

Everyone's favorite liquor store

Sunset approaches

Long-sought tequilla glasses doing their solemn work


Giant clam

Nice landscaping throughout the development

View from the top patio

John slaving away


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