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John and James watch Brian's soul burn

James, Barlo, and John at the alley

John tries out some new dance moves

John falls on his face while dancing

John on the groom's cruise


Out on the patio


John and Rachel observe as Brian gives James a swift kick to the nuts

Brian harrasses John

John's stunning self-portrait

John, Brian, and James attempt the Tipsy dance

John, Charlie, and Brian enjoy a little dancing together

New NU rickshaw service

John demonstrates proper form

John does the same

Bouncing recycleables

Post-alley oop celebrations

Down the line

Damian and John at the Citrus Bowl

John checks out the stadium

Damian and John at Sea World

John gets his ticket he forgot at home

The whole gang at Clarke's

The whole gang at Clarke's

Jeremy, Luke, John, and Willy with a sign they liberated

John, James, and Charlie causing some sort of mayhem

John and Luke in Charlie and Todd's room

Brian, James, John, Charlie, and Todd engrossed by the TV

Erez, Todd, Charlie, Brian, and John examine their invention

John in his room

John, Charlie, and Melissa

Charlie, Melissa, and John

James, John, Brian, and Snake right before experiencing the Giant Drop

James, John, Brian, and Snake right after experiencing the Giant Drop

Brian, John, and James in the Bronco

Barlo and John prepare for some serious bumping

Erez and John after riding Shock Wave

James, Erez, and John jamming

Charlie, Luke, and John in the kitchen

John ties his shoe like a pro

John's fine armpit

Erez and John standing around

Erez and John. Owner of finger unknown

Doyle, Brian, Charlie, and John

John at our party

John and Erez clean up a spill

Myself, John, Doyle, and Randy. Not sure what's going on here.

John and some other people at our party

John and Erez at our party

Pumpkin carving party, during carving Brian, Snake, Spike, (myself hiding behind John), John

Pumpkin carving party, pre-carving: Snake, Brian, Spike, Barlo, John, James

John, the tent, and a caterpillar

Charlie and Jeremy at the campsite

John works on setting up the tent in the rain

Jeremy, Charlie, and John at the campsite

Charlie and John in the firelight

Jeremy, Charlie, and John sit by the fire

John, Jeremy, and Charlie making an egg

John and Jeremy examine the egg

Jeremy, Charlie, and John play with fire

James and John

More of James and John

John practices his rugby with Ali

John and Ali

Brian and John

NU table

Drinking buddies at the bar

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

John and Brian tame the beast

John's triumphant entrance

John and Diana


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