Home - 2013 - Trip to Salton Sea and Joshua Tree

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Pilot of the beast

Open highway

Patchy snow going over the pass

Approaching the sea

Desert scrubland

Prickly pop

The Salton Sea

Salted fish anyone?

Spine exposed

Last year's die-off

Getting acquainted

Sofa remnants


El Pescador and Jack get the thumbs up

Coyote on the prowl

Grand entrance to a bunch of vacant lots

Down the line

Skippin' fish

Moving on to rocks

Top of the parabola


The Skittles taste test begins

Old piling at North Shore

Air fresheners

Minimal facilities

Lots of tilapia at the boat landing



Inoperable stove


Low clearance

Warped roof

Bombay Beach flood zone

No much left

Bombay Beach

Slimy shore

Heading south

Lonely pelican


Enjoying the quiet

Karate Kid

I wonder if the fish is local

Drinks at the Ski Inn

Aqua Soleil, our hotel in Desert Hot Springs

Sunny morning

Getting fresh with the first Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree!

Dried out wash

Cracking rocks

Barker Dam

Like knuckle bones

Bright red barrel cactus

Sliced rock

More Joshua Trees

Heading into the Wonderland of Rocks

Twisted trunk

Inside the wonderland

Scrambling up

Up at the top

Rock armchair with a view

Deep texture

Fuzzy and pointy

Hidden Valley

Down on the floor of Hidden Valley

More scrambling

Looking southwest from Keys View

Massive rocks

Cholla cactus garden



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