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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Liz enjoying a drink at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, Charlie, Liz, James, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

Randy, Liz, and Barlo at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, me, Doyle, Randy, Liz, Charlie and James at Doyle's house

Liz sends her greetings

James and Liz dance a jig

Randy, James, and Liz discuss an intimate secret

More discussion

Liz examines the birthday cake

Charlie, Brian, Liz, Doyle, and Jeremy

Randy and Liz at Universal Studios

Me, Randy, and Liz in LA

Joe models the recently finished scarf

Randy, Liz, Josh, and Matt

Doyle, Liz and myself

Liz and James have a staring contest

Tim, Tom Budzik, Matt, Liz

James and Liz try to give Randy a wedgie

The wedgie, in progress

More wedgie lovin'

Post-wedgie celebrations


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