Stampysoft Ant Tasks

Ant is a cross-platform build tool designed to help automate compiling building Java projects. It's available for free from the Jakarta project, and is released under the Apache software license.

I have created a set of tasks for Ant that help in building Java 2, Micro Edition (J2ME) projects. One uses the preverifier from the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, one updates information in a JAD file, and one uses the MIDP for PalmOS tools to convert a J2ME application so that it can run on PalmOS.

The distribution also contains a new task which helps gather source files that are relevant to a particular distribution, selecting just the subset of .java files that correspond to .class files in a JAR.

The current release is version 1.1.0, made available on 11/5/2001. You can find more information in the User Manual.

Download the tasks in zip format.

This code is released under the MIT license, which means you can do just about anything other than sue me. I'd appreciate being emailed with any contributions, but you are not required to submit any modifications that you make. Thanks to Bruce Heather, Jerome Picault, Steffen Rusitschka, Alek Slominski and Andi Eades for their feedback, which has been incorporated into this updated release.