Home - 2012 - Christmas, round two

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Emory kicks off the unwrapping

Excitement over a shirt? What's happened to this boy?

The little prince

Checking out the view at Cabrillo

Cabrillo monument itself


Out for a holiday sail


Tidepools, underwater

Wet rocks

Walking out

Waiting ever so patiently

Lighthouse viewed from the shore

Attempting to communicate

Balancing act

Holding on for dear life

Lego dino

Posing with a mini Darth Vader

The Falcon

Luke makes his entrance

Getting some riders very wet

Cruising the streets

Leading the pack

At the Scripps (Birch) Aquarium

At the Scripps (Birch) Aquarium

Rain heading toward the pier

Cabrillo view


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