Home - 2012 - Thanksgiving in Idyllwild

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Prepping the stuffing

Pumpkin pies in the oven

Shrine to Stanlee, the white horse

The bear watches over us

The mountains

The bird, off the grill and ready to carve

Yorkshire puddings coming out of the oven

Most of the spread

Hoping for some turkey

Intense concentration for Apples to Apples

Allie surveys her options

Some very fast burning firewood

The finished apple tart

Quincy makes his move

Big snuggles

Suicide Rock

Scattered cones

Checking for Fibonacci compliance

A fine cone

Forest at the saddle


Towering overhead

Suicide Rock and valley view

Oak leaves

Fallen leaves

Oak leaves


More colorful oaks

Roasting the chestnuts

Bracing for the outburst

Extreme mountain bocce!

The cabin

No snow this time on the Ernie Maxwell

Plenty of sun

Carrying a big stick

Tahquitz Rock


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