Home - 2012 - Trip to the river

Photographer: Various

Mr Bear watches creepily

Light polution over the horizon

We're in the water

Heading up river

Watching from on high

Attacked by the reeds


Donkey circles

Red-brown lake

Spider in web

Old truck with crane

A little rusted

Behind the wheel

Tires have seen better days

Heavy duty machinery

Exploded tank

Tilted butterfly

Lonely debris

Back on the river

"Trees" on our sand bar

The vessel

Slicing the corner

Faster, please

Hitting the throttle


Staying warm by staying out of the water

Navigating the sand bars

Opening the bubbly

Sand patterns

The view from the far end of the sand bar

Edge of the bar

Empty waters

Piloting home

Sunset approaches

Up front

Glowing hills


Low angled light

Twilight approaches

Enjoying a light appetizer of bugs

Egret and coots

Colored clouds

The duck gang

The rival goose gang


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