Home - 2012 - September Seattle trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ready for the birthday party to start

Boden and Emory playing pinball

The gift extravaganza begins

Handing off the venus fly trap

Pure ecstasy

Batman umbrella!

Serious gaming

Boden ponders his next move

Pounding away

A quick bit of pouting

Avoiding the giant bubble

Fleeing the breakaway

Really wanting to pop the bubble

Attempting to put the boy in the bubble

A few medium sized bubbles

Teddy, through a bubble

Puget Sound

Anthony's, next to Ray's Boathouse

Sunset approaches

Our assigned table

Emily and Colin's ceremony

Officially married

Dusk settles in

Ballard farmer's market


Patrolling the parapets

Lots of apples

West Point lighthouse

Taking a quick break

Buried alive

Just chillin'

Jumping back in

Owen in the morning


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