Home - 2012 - Family gathering in Boston

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Penguins at Burdick's

Harvard gates, keeping out the riff-raff

A bit wary of all the crazies

Hanging out by mom and dad

Milling around, awaiting a decision

Getting lovingly manhandled

Cambridge graveyard

One of many churches

Longfellow House

The house itself

Nice gardens

Wandering the gardens


In search of lunch

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Memorial Hall

Nice slate roof

In Tom and Marna's backyard

Keeping an eye on Ruth

Ruth heads back over

Chair surgery in action

Hockey stick graveyard

The theoretically repaired chair

Pizzas hot off the grill

Awaiting some pizza

Chomping on some watermellon

Wisely not testing the repaired chair

Grillmaster Tom

Chowing down

Prep station

Toiling away in the fancy kitchen

Happy hostess

Dad and Mom

D & E

A few pre-show announcements

Spinal Tap!

Our ferry

Waiting to depart

Tobin/Mystic River Bridge

On the ferry

A perfect fit, with a few fingerprints

Fort Independence

Approaching Spectacle Island

Butterfly sitting still for a rare moment

Boston skyline

View from the north drumlin

View from the south end

Looking south

Ferry dock

Seaglass on the beach

Approaching downtown

Ruth on the zebra

Switching up the animals

Attracting a crowd

Soaking wet

Mobile drying rack

Swan boat in the garden

Washington statue

Petit fours from Cafe Vanille


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