Home - 2012 - Mike's birthday in Borrego Springs

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Palm trees at the Palm Resort

Abandoned cabins

Rusty tanks

Light fixture


Peeling paint

Sharp wall

Old plumbing

Dead electrical

Peeking in


Nice pink tile

Zoe's kind of place

Lime tree

The pool

Poolside flowers

Big vase

Pool bottom

Refuge from the heat

Shaded DJ station

Duct taped ear

Moving quickly on the hot concrete

The birthday boy emerges

In flight


In the underground viewing area

Hopefully unused electrical

Saying hello

Floating by

Refilling the drained pool

In the donut

Tossing up from the pool deck

In the pool

Noodle attack

Redneck snacks

It's 100% grape!

Safely below the maximum capacity

Conga line

DJ Paul


Late afternoon pool time

Moon coming up

Ruins in the late afternoon

Defunct sprinkler

Powered up

Sun dropping behind the mountains

About to disappear

Flag proudly flying

Diving board platform, circa 1947


Ready for dinner

Moon over the palms

Big 40 cake

Trees at night

DJ at work

Poolside at night

Uplit palms

Poolside palm

Western Tiger Swallowtail


Acorn woodpecker #1

Acorn woodpecker #2

Egret again

Heron taking off

Slowly circling

Lake Cuyamaca


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