Home - 2012 - Mom and Dad's March visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Hyacinth macaw near the entrance to the Safari Park

Flamingo mingle

Document destruction service

Baby under supervision

Chowing down

Snuggle time

Done with the snuggles

Munching on the go

Relaxing by the water cooler

When butterflies attack

Common blue morpho on Mom's shirt

Going right for the brain

Giant owls on the trunk

Bright red

Paper kite

Giant owls at the feeding trough

Common blue morpho again

Zebra longwing

Taking in all the fluttering

Nice spot for a nap


Escapee or just nature?

Bat-eared foxes, Zoe's relatives

Warhog slumber

South African cheetah

Lounging giraffes

Serval on alert

On the go

Leaning back

He looks a touch angry

Checking out the birds in La Jolla

Coming in for a landing

Sea lion pileup

Proud of the pups

Pup pile

Sleeping on the edge

Seal hoping for a belly rub

Seal beach

Baby seal in the water


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