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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Inspecting the cone

Prepping dinner

Roasting up some marshmallows

Setting out

Let the routefinding begin

Getting up close

Pre-dinner lounging

Packing up

On the ridgeline

Winding up

Century plant stalk away!

Trudging downwards

The group, part 1

People start rolling in

Getting ready to order

Ready to hike

On the move

Looking for a lunch spot

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

Room to ourselves

Headed over to the caves

Tom dives down


Hibiscus, with meditator

Flashing signs, stay clear

Tom on the lookout

The group, plus my shadow

Prickly pop

Skippin' fish

Moving on to rocks

Top of the parabola


The Skittles taste test begins

Air fresheners

Scrambling up

Up at the top

Rock armchair with a view

More scrambling

Over the span

Looking into the valley

You Shall Not Pass!

In the sandstone cave

Tom at the point

Just squeaking under the wire

A bit windy

Calculating the angles

Fun with geometry

Prepping the stuffing

Intense concentration for Apples to Apples

Big snuggles

Checking for Fibonacci compliance

Roasting the chestnuts

Looking thankful

Allie and Tom


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