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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Already relaxing

Chris and Kris

Chris serenades us with the Humpty Dance

Time to load up the packs

Ready to hit the trail

Break on the way up

Two miles in

A very sad picnic table

Now for a downhill section

Packs lighter after drinking most of the water

Time to depart

Rounding the corner

Pausing at the road intersection

Lined up

Sipping daintily

Sipping in style

Back in the corner

Dinner prep in progress

Ready to move

Treking along

Up to the ridge

Red dirt trail

Chris and Kris

Andrew getting roasted for Chris's birthday

Waiting for the grillables

Story time

Hanging on the planter box

Short break

Cockroach and Raid, pre-battle

Post battle

My trivia teammates

Riddler attack

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Open floor


Dinner and drinks

60s dining

The Mad Men themselves

Kris and Chris

Fire pit before the rains

Lunch spot

On the potato chip rock

Varying levels of risk tolerance

Chris in his element, with friend


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