Home - 2011 - Costa Rica - Day 7

Photographer: Various

Walking to Hanging Bridges

Must be getting close

Our building at Lost Iguana (center)

Vulture waiting to circle

Blue-and-yellow macaw

Macaw hopping down to the wire

Long way down

Seems pretty solid

Hiding in the leaves

Stream below the bridge

Hummingbird in its nest

Cluster of nectar


Giant leaves

Waterfall angling down

Bridge over the falls

Taking it slow on the bridge

Long and tall

Cloudy view

Tiny mushrooms

Weird bug

Very tall trees

Leaf cutter ants

Squirrel nibbling

Where's Indiana Jones?

On the barbed wire

Tiny flames

Chewing cud

White masked

Onwards to the Toucan Trail

Possible toucan nesting tree

Dark clouds

Woodpecker at work

Hot springs at Eco Termales

Beer for me


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